The Arsenic Eaters
2 May 2016

Paperback in yellow vinyl sleeve, 144 pages

“I consider this photobook a new classic, recommended both as a well-designed narrative […] as well as for the presentation of this subject within a context of social and scientific understanding.”
Gerhard Clausing: Interesting Artist and Photographic Books for 2018, The PhotoBook Journal

“A very scientific, semi-fictional documentary.”
Rocco Venezia: The Best Photobooks of 2018, PHmuseum

A book on the historical phenomenon of arsenic eating. A cultural-historical photographic research work on the usage of one of the most potent mineral poisons.

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“Images of a sinewy hand or the muscles of a tough calf are no longer innocent, but become suspect. Within this context, even historical pictures no longer appear so neutral or folkloric, but rather seem to reveal the forbidden traces of arsenic.”
Ulrich Rüter: Book of the Month, Leica Fotografie International

“All of his work comes together in a kind of intellectual investigation and re-enactment, where he tries to piece together the links between the lives, surroundings, and behaviors that might have led to this peculiar practice.”
Olga Yatskevich: Book Review, Collector Daily

“It all feels like a bad trip, put together by someone with a fantastic eye for storytelling.”
Andrew Phelps: Favorite Photobooks of 2018, photo-eye Bookstore

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The Eriskay Connection

Rob van Hoesel

Copyediting and Proofreading
Scott Clifford Evans

Colour & Books, Sebastiaan Hanekroot

Print and Production
Fine Books, Jos Morree

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